• review rating 5  This place was originally a family karaoke. Meanwhile, due to the covid19 restrictions, it has been converted into a place where you can chill in one of the comfortable private rooms with friends, limited to 5 persons, over a cup of their specially brewed coffee or delicious mocktails. There are other interesting drinks such as cuppacino jelly which I did not get to try. You can order light food such as their buttercake or spicy tuna sandwiches, both which i tried. I was pleasantly surprised to find such an aromatic buttercake that is light and delicious. The humble tuna sandwich was so yummy that I could not stop eating once I bit into it. It has a spicy and slightly sweet flavour. And there are bits of crunchy apples and celery. A terrific combination! I found out that the food are made mostly by the owner's family and not factory-made, which means that the taste is special and you can't find them elsewhere. The charges are highly affordable too! During this period, you get to use a new and clean room for the first hour free. And you can enjoy the music of your choice on a great sound system. If you only want to chat with friends, you have privacy as the rooms are soundproof. What a great find!!

    thumb Jinzhi Pei

    review rating 5  There was a variety of songs in mandarin and English. The rooms were clean and was lit with disco lights which made the experience while singing more enjoyable. The sound proof of the rooms were also amazing such that you are not able to hear from the next door. Lastly, the sound system 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    thumb Alson Tan
  • review rating 5  Nice, cool deco and clean environment. If Sound quality and mic quality matters, this place is the best ktv joint I experienced thus far with reasonable pricing. Will visit again definitely.

    thumb Weiliang Sim

    review rating 5  A great place to relax and have a wonderful AI system. A lot of new song available and I really like it

    thumb wong ys

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